British Army: Mike

Gaining transferable skills as an engineer

Mike wanted to get out of school and into the Army as soon as possible

The Royal Signals appealed to Mike because of the qualifications he could gain. He’s done a level 3 engineer technician apprenticeship, which is equivalent to two A level passes and means he’s able to design, build, service and repair a range of engineering products and services.


“Most of the kit we use is ‘off the shelf’, so we can easily transfer our skills to the outside world.” 

Because Mike uses a lot of the same technology as the civilian industry, it means his qualifications and experiences are recognised there too. Plus, he’s already been able to establish contacts in the civilian industry to help him get a job when he leaves.


“I like the variation in my job: I can both install and operate equipment. There are so many roles I can do as an engineer, and places I can work.”

The Royal Signals is deployed on every operation the Army is involved in – reliable, secure communications are a vital requirement in every possible situation, which means Mike’s work is key to mission success. 

Mike’s apprenticeship has meant he’s been able to get promoted through the ranks. So, what’s next? Well, Mike wants to carry on learning, and he’s got his eye on studying a degree in ancient history.  While this is very different from what he’s learnt so far, he likes a lot of variety in his life.

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