CITB: Ryan Wilby

’In the long-run it will be much better for me financially’

Ryan Wilby was already working in construction with Scotia as a labourer when he became an apprentice bricklayer at the age of 24.

“When my daughter was born in 2016, I realised I needed to get a trade,” Ryan says. “As the oldest on my course, it was a bit strange going back to college, but I’ve only got three weeks of college time left now.

“It’s the outdoor stuff I enjoy much more, and that’s what most of the course is. I really like building Fyfe stone walls because you have to think about which colour and size of stone to put in the right place. It’s a bit of a puzzle!

“I had to take a wage cut as an apprentice, but in the long-run it will be much better for me financially.

“We have a good laugh on the course, and I’ve actually won two bricklaying awards since I started. My old friends who are still labourers are now thinking they should’ve done what I did.”

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