City of Bristol College apprentice making waves in the world of hairdressing 

City of Bristol College logoWe caught up with City of Bristol College apprentice, Sandor Torok, to learn more about his experience of his apprenticeship and the incredible skills that he’s learnt.   

Sandor commented: “I’ve gained hands-on experience in various aspects of the profession. I’ve learnt cutting and styling techniques, colour application, customer service and salon operations. I’m working closely with experienced stylists, honing my skills through practical tasks and client interactions.   

“My preferred technique to learn is a hands-on experience, I can say I am a lucky person because I got all the support that I need and high-quality education provided by the college and JamesB Hair.   


“I am working with very talented stylists and my boss has recognised my passion for the industry very early in my journey; that combination skyrocketed my career, and after a year I am able to run my own client base confidently. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in a rich learning environment that seamlessly blends theory with hands-on experience. The supportive instructors and mentors have been instrumental in nurturing my skills, offering constructive feedback and fostering an atmosphere of creativity, allowing me to develop a well-rounded skill set.  

“I appreciate the holistic approach to education in my hairdressing apprentice program, providing a solid foundation for my future career in the beauty industry.”   

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