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“I’m pleased to have the chance to build skills for the future in such a flexible way.”

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Lucas is 19 and lives in Stockport with his family. He joined McDonald’s in 2021 and began his level 2 hospitality team member apprenticeship in 2022. He is due to complete the programme in 2023 and spoke to us about how things were going with his job and future plans.

What inspired you to do an apprenticeship with McDonald’s?

I saw information on the apprenticeships available in our Crew Room at work and liked the sound of it.
I’m doing the level 2 at the moment and it’s a great way to learn new skills and build knowledge. I’m gaining confidence in my work at the same time as studying and getting paid

What do you enjoy most about working at McDonald’s?

It’s amazing! It’s a really inclusive environment with such a wide range of people and a strong sense of community. It feels a bit like family. I’ve made some of my best friends while working here and I’ve even encouraged my sister to join.

What are you learning about through the apprenticeship?

I’m becoming more knowledgeable about the hospitality sector, so of course that feeds into all aspects of my work. I also find it really interesting, I’m enjoying learning about different styles of dining, customer profiles and so on.

What are your plans after you finish the apprenticeship?

I’m definitely staying at McDonald’s and I’ll be looking into studying at the next level so I can increase
my skills. I want to keep moving on and up and try different roles. I enjoy customer interaction most of all, so I’m keen to keep that as a big part of my job. I also love the fact that I can earn while I learn.

What support have you received while doing your apprenticeship?

The support you get is very good. It can sometimes be a challenge to find time to study, so I’ve particularly appreciated my manager being flexible too. My mentor has been really helpful, checking in with me regularly to make sure I feel on top of things. Time management can be difficult but I’m definitely getting better at that with their help.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship with McDonald’s? 

I’d really recommend it. If you’re unsure about the workload, It’s more manageable than you think and I’ve found my apprenticeship to be a very positive experience.

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