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Natasha’s incredible journey with Kleek Apprenticeships is a story of determination and positive vibes. Even though she had some unique challenges as a deaf person with a cochlear implant, Natasha’s “never give up” attitude led her to some outstanding achievements in her hairdressing apprenticeship.

Her story isn’t just about her achieving amazing things – it’s also about her becoming a total inspiration for her friends at work, her clients, and everyone around her. Here, we shine a spotlight on Natasha’s wins, her roles in her salon, and her mission to make sure everyone feels included and equal.

Natasha kicked off her apprenticeship with Kleek by joining as a level 2 hairdressing apprentices at Bliss Hair in Nottingham. She’s seriously passionate about hair and beauty, and her fantastic communication skills meant she fit right in with the team from day one. Natasha’s all about taking on challenges and handling her unique situation like a professional, which made her a true hero among her fellow apprentices.

Imagine. being deaf with a cochlear implant – that’s the world Natasha lives in. But she totally smashed those communication barriers! Using her lip-reading skills and communication abilities, she built strong bonds with her colleagues and clients, showing everyone how it’s done. Her dedication to spreading awareness about deaf experiences in her salon gave her the chance to become the salon BSL consultant, offering support in person and even through video calls.

Natasha’s hard work and ‘never say never’ spirit definitely didn’t go unnoticed. She scooped up the biggest award any apprentice could dream of – the Apprentice of the Year for 2023 at the VTCT Excellence Awards. And get this; she aced her hairdressing level 2 apprenticeship that same year, and now she’s onto her level 3 too.

Natasha Bloor collecting her apprenticeship award

Natasha also went back to her old school to share her super inspiring story and give other young people a nudge to follow their dreams, just like she did. By doing this, Natasha became a role model for all the future apprentices out there, proving that with a positive attitude and some amazing support, greatness is totally within reach.

Natasha’s journey with Kleek Apprenticeships is a real-life example of how being determined, staying positive, and embracing everything totally changes the game. Her bravery in facing challenges head-on and her mission to lift others make her an inspiration in the hairdressing world.

Kleek Apprenticeships is proud to be linked with such an incredible person and is totally here to back Natasha as she keeps on developing and achieving in her career.

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