McDonald's: Mimi

‘The McDonald’s apprenticeship scheme has been a great option for achieving balance between working and learning’

If you are unsure about pursuing the traditional education route, consider a McDonald’s apprenticeship like Mimi and see just how far your development and career progression could go

Mimi was part-way through a university degree when she realised she wasn’t enjoying the course. She moved home and got a job at McDonald’s to earn money while she worked out what she wanted to do next. One of Mimi’s managers spotted her potential and asked her to look into an apprenticeshipand she hasn’t looked back!

Apprenticeship programmes are at the core of McDonald’s career development initiatives. If, like Mimi, you are unsure about the traditional Higher Education route, you can consider an apprenticeship instead, where you can combine on-the-job development with study at one of our providers, and get a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it. For Mimi, this new direction meant she was still able to gain a Level 2 qualification, continue to earn money and save on university expenses. With encouragement and support from her manager and the wider McDonald’s team, she has since progressed to a Level 3 apprenticeship and been promoted twice, kick-starting her career.


What she’s achieved

During her second year of a degree in health and social care, Mimi decided that university wasn’t for her. Not only was she not enjoying the course, but she was also finding life on campus expensive and struggling to balance coursework with a part-time job. Mimi decided to head home and started working at McDonald’s Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent. After just a couple of months, Mimi’s business manager asked her if she’d thought about the Level 2 hospitality team member qualification. Mimi loves learning new things and decided to give it a try. She found that she got so much out of it that she’s since started our Level 3 hospitality supervisor apprenticeship. As well as being paid while she learns, Mimi has been able to keep working, and has been promoted… twice!

How McDonald’s supported Mimi’s journey

Mimi has been encouraged by her managers from the start. Her training manager explained what the Level 2 apprenticeship would offer and talked through the practicalities of studying one day each week. Mimi now wants to keep learning through McDonald’s and go as far as she can. She says that the modules have been really helpful in building her confidence and helping her apply for promotions, and she’s also had lots of support and practical help from other apprentices in the business.

Mimi’s timeline

2020 – Left university and joined McDonald’s as a crew member; Business manager suggested an apprenticeship after a couple of months

2020 – Started Level 2 apprenticeship and promoted to crew trainer

2021 – Promoted to shift leader while finishing Level 2 apprenticeship

2022 – Started Level 3 apprenticeship and plans to keep going, with future options to complete hospitality manager Level 4 and chartered manager degree Level 6 in the future


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