National Highways: Heather Adams

Heather Adams has learned vital life lessons as an apprentice at National Highways 

Apprenticeships should be considered front-runners when it comes to higher education for college and sixth-form leavers.

During my time as an apprentice with National Highways, I have realised that the first few years in the world of work are instrumental to reshaping what young people know about the world.

In a few short months, I have learned vital life lessons, faced difficult realisations and grown into a resilient individual who knows how to maximise their own potential.

Those who take the opportunities an apprenticeship provides are learning the practical, tactical and strategic skills essential to becoming a valuable colleague. But they are also learning leadership, teamwork and communication skills that are rarely taught at university.

This is the true, differentiating factor that makes apprenticeships stand out against university education.

My apprenticeship has shown me that I really am the ‘the master of my fate’, to quote William Ernest Henley. In the past few months, the full support of my colleagues and instructors has equipped me with the tools and confidence I need to truly succeed at work.

I feel comfortable and secure in my decision-making and critical-thinking abilities. I also feel that I have the room to grow passionate about the areas of my job that I love the most.

Not only that, I have the confidence to take the steps towards a happy and more fulfilled home life.

I have been lucky enough to work on the largest marketing campaign undertaken by National Highways yet. Through my work, the communications teams at National Highways were able to reach over 35,000 more people with messages about the campaign. I simply cannot believe that I have managed to touch the lives of so many people in such a short space of time.

Despite this success, I still view my new confidence and faith in my abilities my biggest achievement so far.

I know that the lessons I learn during my apprenticeship will directly influence the person I become and the course my life will take.

The future is truly at my feet.

And that is possible for you too.


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