National Highways: Teri Preston

Teri Preston is working on the only major road project that has gained EU funding in England

I joined National Highways in September 2020 after completing a degree in a subject I couldn’t see myself working in long-term. I had never thought about entering the construction sector previously, but now I can’t imagine myself doing an apprenticeship elsewhere.

I’ve been on two placements since I’ve started National Highways, and both have been great learning opportunities where I’ve been involved with so many different aspects of a project–from stakeholder management, procurement, commercial management and project finances.

I’m fortunate that my current placement, the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross scheme, is in the construction phase, meaning I get to visit site and get a sense of the physicality that is discussed as a project team. An example of this is going to site and seeing the progress of the underpass at Chiverton, this was a great opportunity to help reinforce and put into perspective what we are doing on this scheme. I’ve been exposed to so much on this placement simply due to the fact that we’re in construction and it is the only major road project that has gained EU funding in England.

The directorate that I work for is amazing at supporting my learning and development on my apprenticeship scheme, and I feel very lucky that everyone is so willing to help me. I feel that working in such an encouraging organisation has helped with both my work and study and has provided such a huge learning curve. Everyday I’m learning new things, which is a great position to be in. For these reasons, I would highly recommend applying for an apprenticeship at National Highways.


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