RAF: Allan McClurg

SAC(T) Allan McClurg is an aircraft avionics technician currently stationed at RAF Lossiemouth on 6 Sqn, working with Typhoon aircraft. He was among the winners at the 2020 RAF National Apprenticeship Awards


Why was the offer of an apprenticeship important to you when you joined the RAF?

I prefer working hands on and practically as opposed to university or college.


What does the award mean to you and your family?

We are massively proud as my father was a car mechanic, so it feels like I am following in his footsteps in a similar trade.


What has been the best/most challenging thing about completing an RAF apprenticeship?

The best part was being deployed and gaining experience quickly. The most difficult aspect was completing the avionics course in 10 months, which is a demanding amount of time.


What would you say to young people considering doing an RAF apprenticeship? 

Go for it. There are plenty of opportunities that civilian job roles do not offer, such as Adventure Training and Force Development trips.


What are your long-term aspirations for your career in the RAF?

I may commission in the future or complete an engineering degree.


The RAF has been producing apprentices for 100 years. What does it mean to you to be part of this 100-year history?

It feels exciting to know that I was part of the centenary year apprentice awards and to have won one.


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