RAF: Christopher Mitchell

SAC Christopher Mitchell is a personnel support specialist working in Human Resource Operations in the Joint Support Unit at RAF Wyton. He was among the winners at the 2020 RAF National Apprenticeship Awards


Why was the offer of an apprenticeship important to you when you joined the RAF?

Unlike my last job, it gave me the chance to learn new skills and earn the opportunity to promote. I could also therefore sign a contract that ensured I had stable employment as well.


What does your award mean to you and your family?

We are incredibly proud. It has proved to me and my wife that all the hard work and sacrifices we made when I joined the RAF have been worth it, for both of us. My father, being ex-RAF, knows just how prestigious this award is.


What has been the best thing about completing an RAF apprenticeship?

I have the chance to put what I learn into practice every day.


What would you say to young people considering doing an RAF apprenticeship? 

It is an incredible opportunity to learn new skills and test yourself. You also get to work with a team of people who all share common goals so you always get supported.


What are your long-term aspirations for your career in the RAF?

I am currently considering commissioning as a personnel support or personnel training officer. Otherwise, I would like to promote to warrant officer and carry out the chief clerk role.

It is my lifetime ambition to become a yeoman at the Tower of London.


The RAF has been producing apprentices for 100 years. What does it mean to you to be part of this 100-year history?

I have a degree in history and have a great appreciation for how lucky and privileged I am to be a small part of the RAF’s 100-year history, following in the footsteps of thousands of apprentices. 


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