Royal Mail: Tessa Dunford

Tessa Dunford is a current engineering apprentice at Warrington Mail Centre and joined the Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship scheme with Royal Mail as she was excited by the vast opportunities across the country

Tessa stated, “Royal Mail’s apprenticeship programme was well paid, exciting and the most convenient for me in comparison to other opportunities, as I did not need to relocate due to the range of sites across the country. This has also meant that there are excellent opportunities for relocation in the future.”

When asked about her experience on the programme, Tessa shared her insight into the college and workplace experiences that have helped her progress so far. “The most interesting module to date has been ‘Programmable Logic Controllers’ as we were tasked with writing and implementing programmes and it was so rewarding to see it in action. The college tutors have a wealth of industry experience which they are happy to share with us and this has made the college experience invaluable for both my personal and professional development in the workplace.”

The Engineering apprenticeship scheme includes a 33-week residential training course in the first year. When reflecting on her experience, Tessa said, “I have built strong relationships with my peers throughout the programme which has helped immensely in the workplace and when attending college. The team at Warrington Mail Centre have also been very friendly and welcoming which helped to put me at ease when joining the workplace.

The Apprentice Manager has also been supportive with both the pastoral side of studying away from home and also liaising with the training provider to make the experience the very best it could be whilst we were studying. Once I joined the workplace, the Engineering Manager and Maintenance Team Leader made sure that my first few months were enjoyable and useful, helping to provide me with opportunities to implement the knowledge and skills I have developed at college whilst also continuing to build upon this learning in the workplace.”

Reflecting on how the programme is contributing to her future aspirations, Tessa stated, “For me, the apprenticeship has been a gateway to a fantastic job in engineering with ample opportunities. I have previously struggled to find opportunities in this industry, but the apprenticeship has formed the foundation I need to develop the skills and experience to support my engineering career to move forward.

The apprenticeship scheme will offer you lots of opportunities to learn and implement your skills and I would advise anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship to prepare as much as you can to demonstrate your passion for this industry and learning but most of all, to just go for it, irrespective of age or experience.”


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