Aldi: Adam Radley

Adam Radley went from shop floor to store manager in just three years through the Aldi apprenticeship scheme

Like many young people, Adam had never really fancied going to university. After finishing his A-levels at college, he began working part-time in a bar—and he thought the obvious option was to go full-time. Then he noticed the Aldi apprenticeship scheme while searching for career opportunities on the internet.

“It looked like a well-organised scheme, with good promotional prospects and it paid really well. I spoke to my parents about it, and they re-affirmed to me that Aldi would be more of a career choice, with better prospects, rather than just any job.”

Adam spent his first year learning all about the shop floor as a store assistant. In year two, he moved into a more managerial role. By the end of his third year, he was asked to manage a store.

“My first day in charge? I was terrified to be honest! As the day went on though, I just found myself doing things naturally because of all the in-depth training I had received—I just knew what to do. I also had a great team around me.”

“While it has been really challenging and I’ve had to work hard, it’s been rewarding and fun as well. I can honestly say that the scheme has changed my life, both career-wise and financially. If there is anyone out there thinking of joining, I would say go for it—as long as you’re prepared to give 110%, you definitely won’t regret it.”

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