Aston University: Matt Gill

Matt Gill, 21, is an apprentice software engineer at Payara, where he started the digital and technology solutions degree apprenticeship in partnership with Aston University

Matt said: “My degree apprenticeship has given me the perfect leg-up into the industry by allowing me to gain experience from day one. It’s also giving me the chance to acquire a degree level education so that I’ll never run the risk of losing out on future opportunities based on a lack of qualifications.”

“If you have the drive to achieve the university grades whilst maintaining a full time job, then an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to earn a good salary at the same time. Too many students come out of university and need to resort to part time work due to a lack of experience. A degree apprenticeship gives you the chance to set yourself apart from the crowd early in your career. You’ll have less free time than a student on a full time university course, but the career boost and money far outweigh this.”

“The most common myth I have come across is that apprenticeships are an easy option for those that don’t do well at A-level. I achieved AAB at A-level and chose a degree apprenticeship over a Russell Group university because it offered me real world experience that a university exclusive education couldn’t have.”

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