British Sugar: Rositta Caesar

Rositta Caesar is plying her trade as a process and chemical engineer at British Sugar

Rositta had just finished sixth form when she decided to pursue a career in process and chemical engineering. She was accepted onto British Sugar’s level 3 process engineering apprenticeship scheme in September 2017, and she said it was the obvious choice for her. “The apprenticeship scheme at British Sugar is well renowned. It is the only company in the UK to process sugar. The scheme was put forward as a very well thought out and organised programme which gave me reassurance that I didn’t get from other companies.”

As part of the British Sugar scheme, Rositta continues to receive comprehensive training at the factory site in Wissington, building on the underpinning knowledge gained through completing a level 3 diploma in process technology and applying this to the company’s sugar manufacturing process. Topics covered so far include diffusion, crystallisation and heat transfer, alongside building an understanding of how pumps, valves, gears and bearings work in order to keep the programme content varied and interesting for the learner. “Every day so far since starting the apprenticeship I have learnt something new,” commented Rositta. “There is never a dull moment!”

British Sugar recognises that it takes more than just process engineering knowledge to perform at your best. The programme is designed to instil the British Sugar values, behaviours and ways of working alongside the specific technical skills to help its apprentices fit into its factory teams successfully. The apprentices spend some time at the Outward Bound Trust in the Lake District working through a series of challenges that put them outside their comfort zone, but by supporting each other as a team, the experiences really supports their personal development.

Rositta said: “Our first week at Outward Bound has been one of the best experiences so far. It was a very valuable experience and I found it to be very rewarding—looking forward to visiting again next year!”

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