AstraZeneca: Charlotte Lees

Charlotte Lees, 19, is completing a foundation degree in international trade at AstraZeneca. And she’ll follow up with a chartered manager degree

How long have you worked for AstraZeneca? What do you enjoy about your role?

“I have been working here for a year in the logistics team. I manage a wide portfolio of markets ensuring our medicines arrive to patients on time. There are always opportunities to be challenged to test my knowledge and learn new skills, which keeps my job interesting. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my role.”

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at AstraZeneca?

“I rotate into three different roles during my apprenticeship, allowing me to gain plenty of work experience and knowledge not available via the university route. I‘m paid to complete a foundation degree in international trade, followed by a chartered manager degree.”

How would you describe the culture at AstraZeneca?

“I have always felt supported by my team and other apprentices with university studies and in my role. AstraZeneca supports us in achieving our goals through networking and skills development, making it a great place to work.”

What would you say has been the most interesting/rewarding project you have been involved in and why?

“I have found it very interesting to see how the company is affected by issues such as Brexit. I’m involved in many problem-solving meetings regarding how we can adapt our current processes to ensure we provide great customer service for our patients. It has been rewarding to see these new processes put in place and working successfully.”

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