CITB: Theo

Theo overcame a number of hurdles to make a success of his apprenticeship with CITB

Supported by his employer Richardsons of Petersfield, Chichester College and his CITB Apprenticeship Officer, Theo was able to overcome previous dyslexia limitations and proudly pass Maths and English qualifications before completing his trowel occupations apprenticeship with a string of awards along the way. A CITB apprenticeship combines on-site experience with college learning to provide the right balance of training and real-life experience.

Theo never let his dyslexia get in the way. Instead, he sought advice and guidance from colleagues and took pride in achieving perfection, often redoing work without argument or question.

Theo’s commitment and hard work now means he now enjoys working on a range of projects, from general extensions to historical buildings.

The apprenticeship allowed Theo to earn as he trained and support his young family undoubtedly making them proud of his achievements and qualifications.

A CITB apprenticeship usually lasts between two and four years depending on where you are based and what level of qualification you are studying for. During this time, you will be allocated an apprenticeship officer to support you through your training programme.

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