DLG: Khalid Patel

Khalid Patel is a customer service consultant at Direct Line Group (DLG)

What does your job entail?

“My role at DLG involves looking after business owner customers (landlords, small business owners and trades people). These customers may have a query on their exciting policy or looking to renew or purchase insurance products.”

Why an apprenticeship and not university?

“The reason that I chose an apprenticeship over university is because you can earn money while gaining experience and working toward a qualification.”

What is the biggest thing you are missing by not being at university?

“I think just not getting to experience the ‘university lifestyle’.”

What is the biggest thing you are gaining by doing an apprenticeship?

“A qualification and experience in the workplace.”

What is the best thing about DLG and why?

“The environment in DLG is very good and the staff. It’s also good within my department, which helps me to enjoy my working day.”

To find out more about opportunities at DLG, visit www.directlinegroupcareers.com/apprenticeships

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