IET: Richard

Richard, who is studying for a BEng (hons) in computer engineering at the University of Greenwich, was granted an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) award

The IET awarded Richard one of the first IET Volunteer Core Value Awards, alongside the rest of his IET On Campus team at the University of Greenwich.

Richard is currently:

  • Chair of the IET On Campus at Greenwich (Group of the Year Award 2018)
  • Committee member for IET Kent
  • Council member of IET Scholarship and Horizons Bursary Council
  • IET on campus representative at the CVC UK 2018

Richard said: “The bursary has been a welcome financial relief that has enabled me to continue with my studies and given me a platform from which I can be an IET ambassador. I’ve been able to afford to travel for the last two terms of this academic year, after the cost of childcare increased—plus the extra cost of having a new daughter.”

“Furthermore, I was able to put part of the funds towards a high-end laptop, which has significantly helped with my studies. Plus, I’ve had a wonderful experience volunteering for the IET.”

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