JP Morgan: Sophie Edroff

Sophie Edroff joined the JP Morgan technology degree apprenticeship scheme at the second time of asking, and has some advice for potential applicants

“After leaving sixth form, I recognised that the university lifestyle wasn’t for me. I wanted to start working towards my career, but I also had a passion for learning so an apprenticeship was the perfect option to work and get qualifications.”

“I secured my place on the scheme after applying twice. This process helped me realise perseverance is key when going for something you want. If I had taken the first ‘no’ as a final answer then I wouldn’t be working in the fast-paced environment I am today. I looked at other apprenticeships when I received my first rejection, but nothing interested me as much as JP Morgan. The ability to achieve a BSc honours degree alongside working for a well-renowned global company was the selling point.”

“The application process is extensive and competitive, however, I believe this is necessary for employers to ensure individuals are the right candidate for the job and this should be looked at as an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths in scenarios other than interviews.”

“You should make any interests you have clear from the start of the application process as this can affect which role you are placed in upon starting the apprenticeship. Think outside the box during group sessions and don’t be afraid to question people’s ideas. This shows you are confident in your opinions and JP Morgan are always looking for people who have diverse ideas to solve problems.”

“Since joining the scheme, I have developed both professionally and personally. Finding the balance between work, study and social life can be daunting at first, but with the right motivation, it can be achieved. I treat the study days the same as my office days and will make sure I’m logged on and working by 9am. This also applies to my weekends. I keep these days separate from work and study, ensuring I spend them with family and friends, to give myself a break.”

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