JP Morgan: David Ametepey-Hayes

David Ametepey-Hayes opted for the JP Morgan technology degree apprenticeship because his passion for tech is shared by the global investment bank

“Since around the age of 15, I spent a lot of time on my brother’s computer and garnered a reputation as the tech guy among my friends. This led me to receiving a lot of requests for everything from the standard tech advice to relatively complex web applications for local businesses. It was through these that I realised, of all of my interests, computing was the one I really wanted to jump into long term.”

“Because I had quite a strong idea of what I wanted to focus on, I was able to visit job sites and start looking at the specifications for the roles I intended to eventually apply for. In doing this, I quickly came to the realisation that very few, if any, of the software developer contracts made mention of a degree; the really enticing roles were entirely focused on skills and experience, so I made the acquisition of these two things my main priority.”

“I eventually stumbled on degree apprenticeships on a website focused on showing alternatives to traditional university routes, and found out there was an opportunity from JP Morgan—a name I’d previously heard of but didn’t connect with the kind of role I was looking for—for me to get a sponsored full bachelor of science degree in technology, and at the same time, gain more than four years of experience with one of the world’s most recognised and respected names in banking and technology.”

“Since starting on the JP Morgan tech degree apprenticeship, my technical skills have improved rapidly, and my understanding of all aspects of software development in an enterprise have widened dramatically in a way I don’t believe it would, or could, have anywhere else.”

“I have been stunned by the sheer amount of investment that the people at JP Morgan put into one another in terms of teaching and knowledge sharing, and the number of communities of practice from which I have been able to draw upon to further develop myself and my skills.”

“From the very first day I stepped into the office, the type of work I’ve been doing has always enabled me to exercise the skills I really wanted to develop, while also producing solutions that are genuinely beneficial.”

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