PRCA: Daisy Crozier

Daisy Crozier, 19, works at BSH and is working towards completing an apprenticeship in public relations (PR) and internal communications with the PRCA

“I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted a new challenge that would trump traditional classroom teachings. I found the idea of university very narrow and restrictive.”

“The idea of an apprenticeship was something that took me by surprise as it offered the chance to acquire skills that were transferable and gain such valuable working experience. PR has exceeded my expectations due to its broad nature.”

“The possible career paths are not only comforting but also very motivating. This is my favourite part of the industry. My job role remains so fresh as I am constantly facing new challenges and projects, in both coursework and my day-to-day tasks.”

“As a naturally confident person, I did believe PR would be a good fit, however, it has also given me ample opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and task myself with interactions that I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.”

“My growing understanding of PR has been just as vast. One of my favourite things about the role is the difficulty in explaining it to those outside the industry. As for me, this sums up everything great about PR, it is so interpretive and continues to change as we do.”

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