JP Morgan: Thea Cosham

Thea Cosham, who joined the JP Morgan financial services apprenticeship, reflects on her move to the global investment bank

“I was part of the fifth cohort to be accepted onto the programme, but the first group to be accepted for the London offices in Canary Wharf (the previous cohorts were all based in Bournemouth).”

“I completed sixth form in 2016. I knew that university was not necessarily the right path for me, so I decided to take a year out to think about what I really wanted to do. This was when I came across apprenticeships. At school, alternative options to university were never really discussed. I only became familiar with the schemes through conversations with a friend who had embarked on a similar journey and she shared her experience and passion for the decision she had made.”

“Having had multiple part-time jobs since a young age, I knew that I enjoyed working and earning money for myself. I knew that university would be fun, but I believed that I could achieve more from taking this alternate route and entering the workplace as a school leaver.”

“After completing multiple interview stages for the JP Morgan apprenticeship, it quickly became apparent how much it differed from the university application process. It offered a much more personal process to that of university and gave you a true sense of accomplishment. I had received an offer from university, but I decided to choose the apprenticeship due to the fantastic opportunities it could bring me: a head start in the workplace while gaining a valuable qualification at the same time. I truly felt gaining a place on this course was something to be extremely proud of; being one of 17 chosen for London with a further 35 in Bournemouth.”

“Apprenticeships are for school leavers who are looking for an alternate route to the norm, for a chance to really push yourself and to potentially achieve something amazing. Having the right attitude and motivation is, of course, required to succeed. However, you are rewarded with exceptional development opportunities in both professional and personal skills. Receiving ‘on the job experience’, while obtaining a recognised qualification with a highly-respected company, as well as a competitive salary, is something that cannot compare to university.”

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