JTL: Aaron Housen

The winner of the award for the JTL Mechanical Engineering Services Apprentice of the Year 2019 was named as Aaron Housen, a 24-year-old engineer working at Dunamis Heating & Mechanical Services

Aaron started his apprenticeship with Dunamis at the age of 18 and demonstrated an enthusiasm for his work from the start. During his course, he passed all of his exams at the highest level to NVQ 3 and developed mechanical skills and systems knowledge to an exceptionally high standard.

Ray Housen, his employer, has noted that Aaron’s commitment and willingness to learn has already had a major impact on the company. “He has actually encouraged me to think bigger in how big the company can go.”

Aaron’s primary role is as a mobile heating service engineer. His work is multi-faceted and includes commissioning, service, breakdown and installation of a wide variety of heating equipment in both large domestic and commercial premises. 

In recent years, Aaron has taken on even greater challenges, including steering the company towards taking on more installation projects. He has also introduced new ideas to the company, including setting up a ‘goal’ board to focus on company growth.

Dunamis has already felt the benefit of Aaron’s innovation and professionalism and this has helped the company to venture into new areas.

Housen said: “His commitment to high standards and enthusiasm for his craft has led to many clients and others within the industry to comment on his commendable attitude. He is a great example of the benefits of apprenticeship schemes.”

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