JTL: Samantha Jones

JTL apprentice Samantha Jones has travelled the world since completing her electrical apprenticeship

26-year old Samantha from Gloucestershire was named Southern Region JTL Apprentice of the Year, making it through to the national finals. Samantha is also one of JTL’s ambassadors, who help to raise awareness of the opportunities available for young women in the electrical industry and encourage them to take up apprenticeships.

“Being a finalist at the national JTL Awards has been a highlight of my career so far and I was immensely proud to make it that far, especially as the only female finalist,” Samantha said. “For me, there’s no substitute for experience and that is what I gained during my four-year apprenticeship. After completing my apprenticeship, I feel a great sense of achievement but I also feel I have a good foundation to build on and further my education. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone. It’s a great way to learn a trade and earn a wage at the same time.”

As well as being a JTL award winner, Samantha was also the winner of an exchange programme through the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and spent six weeks living and working as an electrician in New York. She was also chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Women in Construction awards and was invited by Unite the Union to represent it at the global Building and WoodWorker’s International women’s conference, which saw her heading off to Nepal to talk about her experiences. Following the apprenticeship route has certainly opened up a world of experiences for this talented young electrician!

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