Lloyds Banking Group: Andrew Haines

When he’s not hiking or golfing, 33-year-old Andrew Haines is coding on his Lloyds Banking Group software developer apprenticeship. Ever since he left his previous career to join the apprenticeship scheme, he’s seeing real change through his day-to-day work

Learning on the job

“I chose to do an apprenticeship because I felt I would learn more in an organisation, not a classroom. The old saying that ‘you don’t really learn until you start working’ could not be truer for me—I’m honing my craft while also developing a network of connections within my company and the industry.”

A more rewarding experience

“I worked in hospitality for 10 years, but I was desperate to change careers and saw the scheme as a springboard—now I’m creating code for Lloyds Banking Group. Seeing something you’ve learned put into practice successfully is very satisfying. To top it off I still have time to be outdoors, hiking or playing golf.”

Developing a focus

“Now I’ve seen where the apprenticeship scheme can take me, it’s made me laser-focused on giving it my all. Before, I knew I wanted to work  in the IT industry, but now that I’m at Lloyds Banking Group and developing new skills, my ambition to become a software engineer feels more attainable. The more I’m learning and working, the more focused my goals are becoming.”

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