Pearson College London: Dan Cook

L’Oréal and Pearson College London degree apprentice Dan Cook on how an apprenticeship opens doors into the professional world

Why did you choose a degree apprenticeship over a degree?

I chose a degree apprenticeship because of the professional experience it provides alongside your studies. It gives you your first step into the professional world that you might not get otherwise and definitely gives you an advantage when looking for a job in the future.

What was your experience of the application process? Do you have any tips for others going through the application process?

Tough! But really enjoyable and challenging. It gave me good experience for other application processes. There was a test, a one-to-one interview and online assessments. As for tips—be yourself! Be confident in your abilities, and make sure you prepare. 

What is a typical day for you at L’Oréal?

Every day is different. It’s fast paced and always changing. I have been given a lot of responsibility that I wouldn’t have been given had I not been on a degree apprenticeship. I have been given the opportunity to run projects, which was unexpected. They’ve given me a great opportunity to learn about myself and the business.

Is there a project that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of? What did it involve?

I recently had the opportunity to run an IT day for the Hammersmith office. This was created to raise awareness of IT and the different opportunities that are available—it’s not all computers! 

Have you found any aspect of the degree apprenticeship challenging?

Managing my time was definitely the biggest challenge. At first you think that you have a lot of time with having every Friday to study, but it quickly catches up with you and weeks fly by! 

Your first deadlines creep up quickly. My advice would be to get into a routine as quickly as you can and then you can easily handle it.

What have you found most rewarding? 

The experience I’m gaining academically and professionally. It is giving me the experience that businesses look for and to have gained this experience at such a young age.

What would you say to others who are considering a degree apprenticeship?

Do it! It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. It is something that challenges me and no day is boring or slow.

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