RICS: Louise Verney

Louise Verney is a quantity surveying apprentice with Balfour Beatty

“I think more people should consider an apprenticeship,” says Louise. “It’s an exciting and rewarding path that prepares you for a successful career.”

“In a surveying apprenticeship you aren’t just there to make up the numbers—you are an integral part of the team and given responsibility. Within four months of working in my apprenticeship, I was managing sub-contractors, making payment assessments and forecasting remaining work. I was also given the chance to attend high-profile events with our CEO and this has given me a great advantage to gain future opportunities within the construction industry.”

“You can’t get this level of responsibility and hands-on learning through education alone—a combination through an apprenticeship for me seems the best way to learn.”

“I hope to encourage more women to pursue careers in construction and surveying; it’s an industry open to everyone and surveying is extremely fulfilling, with exciting projects and endless opportunities at your fingertips.”

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