Rolls-Royce: Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell, a non-destructive testing apprentice at Rolls-Royce who had already earned two degrees before doing his apprenticeship, is living proof that not all apprentices are just out of school

“I’m not a school leaver. I left school eight years ago, went to university, got a degree, went to another university, got a post-graduate degree, taught maths in a school for three years, decided I didn’t really want to do that anymore, and then came here.”

“So clearly, apprenticeships are not just for school leavers. You can do it at any age. I know people who are doing an apprenticeship and are significantly older than I am. There are people from the business who come back to do an apprenticeship. And they fit right in as well—they don’t feel like they are segregated in any way. It’s definitely inclusive. It’s like one big family!”

“The first time I went to university, I had to pay for it.”

“Now I’m here, and I get to study for a bachelor’s in engineering for free. Plus, I’m getting the benefit of developing real work skills at the same time. Having gone down both routes, I can say I’d have much rather done an apprenticeship the first time around rather than having gone to university and be left with four years worth of debt.”

“Apprenticeships are very hands-on. But that doesn’t mean they’re only for people who don’t do well at school. I’ve got a degree—but I’m still on an apprenticeship.”

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