Rolls-Royce: Romana Ahmed

Romana Ahmed, higher engineering apprentice at Rolls-Royce, explains about the challenging work that apprentices tackle during their apprenticeship

“We get given proper work here at Rolls-Royce. I always had this fear inside before I started that I wouldn’t be given more interesting work because of the ‘apprentice’ label. But it is at the other end of the scale for me—a day in a meeting with a chief design engineer wouldn’t be unusual. As an apprentice at Rolls-Royce, you’re challenged every day.”

“There’s a really glib misconception that ‘apprentice’ means someone who didn’t do so well at school. That’s not true either. Apprenticeships are for people with all sorts of talents. We have practical apprenticeships here, for those who like the more hands-on route and degree apprenticeships, for those who want to study further at university.”

“There’s also an idea that after an apprenticeship you’re less likely to get work than if you have a degree. I think the opposite is true. We have a full-time job now, so we already have impressive work experience. Plus, we have a qualification—and we’ve worked for a prestigious company. In one of my placements, my team leader said I was really good at the job and that in a couple of years if it was still something I wanted to do, I could.”

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