The Open University: Thomas Robinson-Williams

Thomas Robinson-Williams has worked for IBM for eight years and completed a level three apprenticeship after leaving school. He now works as an IT architect at IBM, and is doing a digital and technology solutions professional degree apprenticeship with The Open University 

Selected apprentices were given the opportunity to join the digital and technology solutions professional degree apprenticeship. Graduates from the programme will be competent to operate in a range of related digital roles, supporting their organisations to develop new products and services and increase productivity using digital technologies.

Thomas explained: “I find the apprenticeship scheme very positive. I’m learning lots of skills that I can apply in my day job. A lot of what we’re learning is around coding, so Java coding at the moment. One of my day-job roles is to design solutions, so to understand how it works is really important to what I’m doing day-to-day. As for wider subjects around how IT projects are run, I’ve learnt a lot about how that works in IBM. But to actually understand that at an industry-level rather than IBM-specific, is really important for my future career within the industry.”

“In terms of graduation, I joined IBM eight years ago, did an apprenticeship scheme and got to see all my friends graduate which is something that I haven’t achieved yet. I’m really excited to work towards that achievement; get my name in lights as having completed the apprenticeship programme. It’s important to pave the way for people to follow the scheme and introduce them to the industry.”

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