Ministry of Defence - DE&S: Kyle

Kyle is an engineering apprentice at the Ministry of Defence – Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S)

The DE&S engineering degree apprenticeship supports individuals in attaining an engineering degree, while, at the same time, earning a competitive salary.

Kyle said: “During my time at school and college I often found that I was pushed towards academic learning, even though I preferred (and performed better) when I was able to apply my learning directly to a job. I applied to the engineering degree apprenticeship scheme as it offered the opportunity to get a degree alongside paid vocational work.”

“At the end of the scheme, I’ll have a degree, work-based qualifications and training, four years’ work experience, and a job in the civil service handling real projects—with the same amount of time and work as a degree. The apprenticeship is unique within DE&S as it has extra-curricular opportunities as well—I’ve been able to design and make air cannons and rocket cars as part of my work.”

“I had the option to choose between mechanical and electrical, nuclear and weapons biases, meaning I could get the skills and qualifications that I couldn’t get anywhere else. By the end of my first year of placements I’d been all over the country (and abroad), looking at everything from tanks, fighter jets and warships to standard issue kit, small arms and drones.”

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