UCLan: James Richardson

A degree apprenticeship from UCLan was the perfect way for business development manager James Richardson to obtain qualifications

The traditional university route isn’t the right path for everyone, which is just one of the reasons degree apprenticeships are rising in popularity.

For 25-year-old James from Preston, they’re the perfect opportunity to balance professional and personal development with full-time employment.

He’s currently studying at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) on the part-time BA (hons) business management (chartered manager) degree apprenticeship course, from which he’ll graduate in summer 2021. 

He said: “I chose UCLan because it’s known for having a good business school, and I was also very impressed with the course and tutors.”

“Not only does this particular degree apprenticeship provide professional and personal development, it gives you an official qualification with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accreditation, which can really help you stand out against other candidates.”

Alongside his studies, James is also working as the business development manager at Red Rose Care four days a week.

He continued: “Being in full-time employment means I’m gaining valuable work experience, which the traditional university approach doesn’t offer. Attending university one day a week really suits me. I also enjoy the fact that I’m able to put my learning into practice and relate my coursework to my role at Red Rose Care.”

“For me, the main challenge is balancing studies, work and my personal life. However, I plan ahead and prioritise, as this helps ensure I have sufficient time for each. It’s definitely worth putting in the effort now to reap the benefits later on in life for my career.”

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