Virgin Media: Megan Andrew

Megan Andrew, 20, is a project manager apprentice with Virgin Media

Megan didn’t feel university was for her and on leaving college was still undecided on what first steps to take into her future career. Megan said: “I felt an apprenticeship would get me into the real world of work whilst avoiding university debts and Virgin Media had a great feel about it.”

Megan admitted that “the jump from college to full-time employment at first was daunting but I had immense support which quickly enabled me to feel confident in my role”.  Soon Megan will get the results of her APM PMQ exam and become a qualified project manager, but another great achievement for her was being voted ‘social media guru’ for the apprentice committee. “It gave me a huge confidence boost and I’m really proud and excited to see what changes our committee can make.”

As a project manager, Megan works on Edge Design and Edge Delivery: “I’m tracking SLA dates and keeping sure all jobs and financials are kept on-track. This involves monitoring jobs and prioritising equipment and constantly communicating with various stakeholders, which I love as it plays to my ‘social butterfly’ side! I even love the time pressure involved in the role, it’s such an amazing sense of achievement completing the job.”

Megan said that after she completes her apprenticeship she’s “looking forward to having the opportunity to run my own team”.

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