Volkswagen: Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills won the Volkswagen Group Apprentice of the Year award in the first year of her apprenticeship

Hannah is a shining star of the Volkswagen Group apprenticeship programme. She won the Volkswagen Group Apprentice of the Year accolade for her brand in her first year as an apprentice; she appeared in an art exhibition to promote the role of women in a ‘man’s world’; she featured in the #DrivenWomen campaign to inspire other young women to join Volkswagen Group; and she was named Apprentice of the Year in the Great British Women in the Car Industry Awards 2016.

Her trainers and colleagues are quick to praise her great attitude and attention to detail, and it is clear to see from speaking with her how much she enjoys her job, and being a part of the apprentice scheme.

Hannah said: “The apprenticeship programme is really good—I enjoy learning on the job, and also going to the National Learning Centre (NLC). The mix of theory and practical learning we do at the NLC makes it enjoyable and keeps it interesting, plus it is nice to see all the new vehicles in the atrium. Everyone at the NLC and on the apprenticeship scheme is really friendly.”

Hannah’s advice for people looking to join an apprentice scheme is to “Just do it! If this is what you want to do, then don’t let any barriers stop you.”

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