Agriculture professional adviser apprenticeship

Provide technical advice to farmers and growers

During your agriculture professional adviser apprenticeship, you’ll be responsible for providing accurate research-informed advice to farmers and growers, working with a range of industry experts including scientists, research organisations and other advisers. A large proportion of the working day will be spent on grower premises, such as farms, nurseries, estates and glasshouses, of varying sizes and often outside in all weathers. You’ll be expected to use your own initiative, working alone and with high levels of autonomy, as you consult with and provide technical advice to farmers and growers to help them support their crop husbandry, based on the latest scientific thinking, environmental requirements and in line with legislation and policy. You’ll maintain and develop relationships with farmers and growers; assess grower cropping challenges and provide tailored advice, demonstrating clear communication skills with the ability to detail complex information objectively in both verbal and written forms.


Duration: 30 months

Relevant school subjects: Science

Entry requirements: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications and an agriculture-related further education course

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000 per annum

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