Architectural assistant apprenticeship

Work with architects to design buildings and deliver architectural projects

An architectural assistant helps to design buildings and deliver architectural projects across scheme phases, from the initial client briefing process where objectives are agreed and feasibility studies conducted, through to conceptual and technical proposals, and construction. In collaboration with other members of a project team, during the architectural assistant apprenticeship you’ll respond to client requirements by preparing, reviewing and refining building design through the use of various media such as 3D modelling, drawings and model making. As an architectural assistant apprentice, you’ll work under the supervision of an architect and contribute to the delivery of projects of varying scale and type, from office skyscrapers to semi-detached houses. Architectural assistants can progress to being an architect. On completion of this apprenticeship, you’ll achieve a degree qualification in architecture prescribed by the Architectural Registration Board.


Duration: 48 months

Relevant school subjects: Maths, art and DT

Entry requirements for the architectural assistant apprenticeship: Two A-levels, and five GCSEs, including English and maths; or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000 per annum

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