Assistant farm manager apprenticeship

Professionally operate and support the management of an agricultural or horticultural business such as a farm

As an assistant farm manager apprentice, you’ll play a crucial role in managing agricultural and horticultural operations across sectors such as dairy, beef, sheep, arable, and poultry. This position involves overseeing the entire lifecycle of farm products, from initial seeding and breeding to sales directly to consumers. During the assistant farm manager apprenticeship, you’ll ensure that operations comply with health, welfare, and environmental standards. Your daily responsibilities will include maximising farm productivity, managing data collection and analysis, and supervising a small team. You’ll work closely with the farm manager to improve the farm’s performance, using technology to make things more efficient. Additionally, you’ll manage relationships with suppliers, auditors, and consultants, and handle supply chain requirements, farm assurance, and environmental legislation compliance. Your role also involves routine maintenance of farm machinery and infrastructure. 


Duration: 24 months 

Relevant school subjects: Maths, Science, Business 

Entry requirements for the assistant farm manager apprenticeship: Depends on employer, but likely 3 A-levels and 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or higher. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree 

Potential salary upon completion: £24,000 

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