Aviation operations manager apprenticeship

Oversee the environment, facilities and services at airports, military bases, heliports and other airfields

An aviation operations manager is in charge of compliance, safety and security within their area at a commercial airport, military base/aerodrome, heliport or other airfield. You’ll learn to effectively plan and manage the use of resources, and ensure compliance with processes and procedures. The aviation operations manager apprenticeship is focused on the management of aircraft arrival, turnaround and departure, as well as the environment and facilities. You’ll learn to complete complex aviation tasks and the management of others to enable compliance with regulations through a safe, secure and effective aviation operation. You’ll also specialise in one of six functions, which cover aircraft handling, aircraft movement, fire service watch, flight operations (air traffic control or operations), and passenger operations.


Duration: 18 months

Relevant school subjects: Business studies

Entry requirements for the aviation operations manager apprenticeship: Depend on the employer, but likely A-levels or equivalent qualifications

Achievement upon completion: Level 4 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000 per annum

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