Community nurse specialist practitioner apprenticeship

Care for patients with a wide range of health conditions.

As a community nurse specialist practitioner apprentice, you’ll provide advanced healthcare to individuals of all ages across various settings, including homes, healthcare facilities, prisons, and community centres. This role spans multiple sectors such as primary care, social care, and third-sector organisations. During a community nurse specialist practitioner apprenticeship, your responsibilities include managing a diverse caseload with complex and long-term health conditions, assessing risk, and prescribing necessary treatments in line with legal guidelines. You’ll work independently and lead a team. Often working in isolated and challenging environments, you’ll adapt to changing local demands through careful case management. You’ll drive change within your service, implementing new care models and influencing policy alongside senior organisation leaders. Your practice will focus on a holistic approach to health, incorporating bio-psychosocial perspectives and addressing psychological, emotional, or financial aspects of care. Key skills include complex risk management, advocacy for patients, and promoting public health to improve care outcomes. You’ll interact with a wide variety of people daily, always ensuring inclusive and culturally sensitive practices. 


Duration: 24 months  

Relevant school subjects: Science, English, Maths 

Entry requirements for the community nurse specialist practitioner apprenticeship: You’ll already need to be a registered nurse on Part 1 of the NMC register. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 7 (Higher)—equivalent to a master’s degree 

Potential salary upon completion: £35,300 

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