Embalmer apprenticeship

Preserve, sanitise and present a deceased person, contributing to a healthy environment and a dignified grieving process.

Embalmers work in the death care industry, primarily within funeral organisations. As an embalmer apprentice, your main task will be to preserve, prepare, and present individuals after they have died. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring public health safety and supporting grieving families. Your daily interactions during the embalmer apprenticeship will involve interacting with different stakeholders, including the deceased, families, funeral branches, medical professionals, and facilities like crematoria and cemeteries. You’ll need to prioritise respectful care of the deceased and have a calm and professional demeanour, even under pressure. Your responsibilities will include verifying documentation, conducting embalming procedures, and applying your expertise to ensure the best possible care for the deceased and their families. Typically, you’ll work alone or with a mortuary technician in a controlled environment. You may need to have specific vaccinations as set out by the Department of Health and Public Health. The embalmer apprentice will usually take place over set hours, but you may need to be flexible, adjusting during exceptional circumstances such as during public health emergencies. 


Duration: 36 months 

Relevant school subjects: Science 

Entry requirements for the embalmer apprenticeship: Varies by employer, but likely 5 GCSEs at grade 9 or C and above, and 3 A-levels, or equivalent.

Achievement upon completion: Level 5 (Higher)—equivalent to a foundation degree and an IEBE Diploma 

Potential salary upon completion: £23,000 

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