Facilities management supervisor apprenticeship

Manage the working environment within industrial and commercial buildings

At a corporate level, an effective facilities management supervisor contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day level, effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment—essential to the performance of any business. During the facilities management supervisor apprenticeship, you’ll have extensive responsibility for providing, maintaining and developing many services. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management. This apprenticeship will prepare you for managing a facilities management service or a group of services within estate and building management, catering, cleaning, administration or security. You’ll be required to supervise others, and to understand contractual requirements and service delivery targets.


Duration: 18 months

Relevant school subjects: Business studies

Entry requirements for the facilities management supervisor apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or experience, particularly where organisational skills are demonstrated

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £23,000 per annum

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