Fire safety advisor apprenticeship

Work with businesses to help protect people, premises, and the environment from fire. 

As a fire safety advisor apprentice, your job is to help businesses keep people, buildings, and the environment safe from fire hazards. Whether you work for a fire and rescue service or another organisation, your goal is to prevent harm, ensure business continuity, and protect properties. During a fire safety advisor apprenticeship, your day-to-day tasks will involve visiting businesses including small shops and offices, assessing fire risks, and offering advice to help them improve safety measures. You’ll also attend events to promote fire safety and support businesses after incidents. To do well in this role, you’ll need excellent communication skills to influence and educate business owners. You’ll stay updated on the latest fire safety practices and may provide advice on new building techniques to ensure safety standards are met. Your work contributes to sustainability efforts within your organisation and the wider community, making buildings safer for everyone. 


Duration: 18 months  

Relevant school subjects: English 

Entry requirements for the fire safety advisor apprenticeship: Varies by employer, but typically GCSEs in English and Maths. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels 

Potential salary upon completion: £26,000 

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