General welder apprenticeship

Work with metals to create high-strength welds in two welding positions

Welding is a way to make high strength joints between two or more parts. A general welder uses high electrical energy to form an arc. Manual dexterity is essential in controlling the arc used to melt metals, allowing them to fuse together to form a structurally sound weld. As a general welder, you’ll produce items such as components for cars, ships and rail vehicles, as well as simple metallic containers, and steelwork for bridges, buildings and gantries. Welding is a safety critical occupation and you’ll take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of your work. During the general welder apprenticeship you’ll be required to produce joints that satisfy basic quality standards in order to ensure that the finished products function correctly. As a skilled, qualified, professionally-certified general welder, you’ll be able to work anywhere in the world and provide services in the harshest of environments.


Duration: 18 months

Relevant school subjects: DT

Entry requirements for the general welder apprenticeship: Demonstrable practical or technical skills, ideally in a working environment

Achievement upon completion: Level 2 (Intermediate)—equivalent to GCSEs

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000 per annum

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