Geoscientist apprenticeship

Guide sustainable development and stewardship of the natural and built environment.

As a geoscientist apprentice, you will play a key role in guiding sustainable development and stewardship of both natural and built environments. The geoscientist apprenticeship is found across various sectors, including local authorities, government organisations, environmental consultancies, and industries like mining, energy, and water management. Your main task as a geoscientist apprentice is to assess and advise on the management and development of earth resources such as minerals, water, and energy sources, and to support infrastructure projects. You’ll also address environmental issues and work on solutions for carbon reduction and sustainability. Geoscientists work in diverse settings—from offices and labs to fieldwork and onsite investigations. You’ll collect and analyse data, develop predictive models for climate resilience, and engage in conservation efforts. You’ll be responsible for scientific investigations, data interpretation, risk assessment, and providing advice that informs policy and project decisions. This role involves balancing various project demands, often reporting to senior geoscientists or project managers. You might need to travel for work, and you’ll need to be able to work independently. Upon completion of this apprenticeship, you’ll be able to join several related professional bodies as a Registered Scientist. 


Duration: 60 months  

Relevant school subjects: Geography, Science 

Entry requirements for the geoscientist apprenticeship: Varies by employer, but likely three A-levels, including a science, or equivalent qualifications. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree 

Potential salary upon completion: £30,000 

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