Junior advertising creative apprenticeship

Develop original, exciting and memorable ideas to be used in a range of mediums

This is a specialist role found mainly within advertising agencies, but junior advertising creatives have skills that can be applied across a wide range of sectors. Your role will be to come up with creative ideas, bringing forward fresh thinking and helping to transform businesses and behaviour. During the junior advertising creative apprenticeship you’ll develop and produce inspiring and effective advertising campaigns for clients, delivered through appropriate and exciting media channels and platforms. This includes television, radio, newspapers, cinema and social media, and other digital platforms. You’ll work as part of a creative team and may need to visit locations such as recording studios, film sets and even overseas locations, so you’ll need to work flexibly. Working to deadlines and with budget restrictions, you’ll need to be able to take on board constructive feedback and embrace criticism.


Duration: 18 months

Relevant school subjects: English

Entry requirements for the junior advertising creative apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely GCSEs or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 3 (Advanced)—equivalent to A-levels

Potential salary upon completion: £21,000 per annum

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