Licensed conveyancer or licensed probate practitioner apprenticeship

Deliver legal services within conveyancing or probate as an authorised person

As a licensed conveyancer or licensed probate practitioner apprentice, you’ll work in legal firms specialising in conveyancing or probate services and deal with a wide range of professional organisations and individuals. This apprenticeship requires you to specialise, choosing to become either a licensed conveyancer or a licensed probate practitioner. Conveyancers work in property law, whereas probate practitioners work in inheritance law, administering wills and estates. Whichever path you choose on the licensed conveyancer or licensed probate practitioner apprenticeship, you’ll be a principal fee earner. You’ll have significant autonomy and responsibility for following regulatory and lender requirements. Since you’ll be working with customers, you’ll need to understand their needs and recommend ethically and professionally appropriate services which are in the customer’s best interest. If you specialise in probate practice, then you’ll also support clients through emotionally challenging times. You may work in various settings beyond law firms, including housing associations, banks, and property development companies. In addition to your legal duties, you’ll guide and manage junior staff, such as conveyancing and probate technicians. This profession is regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.


Duration: 54 months 

Relevant school subjects: English, Business, Law 

Entry requirements for the licensed conveyancer or licensed probate practitioner apprenticeship: Varies by employer, but typically A-levels. You may also be required to already hold a law degree or graduate diploma in law, or qualification such as a level 4 diploma in your chosen law specialism. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Higher)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree 

Potential salary upon completion: £25,000 

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