Paramedic apprenticeship

Provide high quality and compassionate care, responding to the needs of service users and carers

On a paramedic apprenticeship, you’ll respond to 999 critical emergencies and traumatic situations. You’ll be responsible for delivering high quality and effective pre-hospital clinical care and patient transportation in a safe and timely manner. The first to arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency before any other healthcare professional, you’ll be required to quickly carry out a risk assessment of the scene, then decide on how to best treat the patient. You’ll work closely with healthcare professionals, patients, and emergency services, often facing physically and mentally demanding situations. Whether working solo or as part of a team, you’ll initiate treatment, make clinical decisions, and use advanced equipment like defibrillators. Additionally, you’ll maintain vehicles and equipment, administer medications, and mentor other staff. You’ll ensure the highest level of patient care and safety in both hospital and pre-hospital environments by adhering to strict standards and protocols. After completing your paramedic apprenticeship and obtaining the required qualification, you can register as a paramedic with the health and care professions council (HCPC).


Duration: 36 months

Relevant school subjects: Science

Entry requirements for the paramedic apprenticeship: Disclosure and Barring Service check, and you may be subject to Occupational Health Screening

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £26,000 per annum

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