Professional security operative apprenticeship

Be an organisation’s first line of defence. 

Professional security operatives are an organisation’s first line of defence against threat. They monitor assigned areas to act as a deterrent, identify suspicious items or people, and respond to incidents. During this professional security operative apprenticeship, you’ll get hands-on learning in how to protect people, assets, property and premises via a layered security approach. As a professional security operative apprentice, you’ll learn how to conduct searches and report information following organisational procedure. Professional security operatives are in high demand as these skills are very transferable and the possibilities are endless: one professional security operative might assist in the transportation of expensive goods like jewellery; another might make sure that crowds stay safe during a large festival. Potential employers also vary widely, from events, to historic locations, to businesses, to private homes. You could work in a small team or in a nationwide organisation. Employers will be looking for potential security operative apprentices who have good attention to detail and are good at communicating with the public, even when they’re under pressure. 

Duration: 12 months 

Relevant school subjects: English, Maths, Business 

Entry requirements for the apprenticeship: You need to be 16 or over, and you might be asked to demonstrate interest in the security profession. 

Achievement upon completion: Level 2 (Intermediate) – equivalent to GCSEs 

Potential salary upon completion: £18,000 

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