Project manager apprenticeship

Deliver projects and take on responsibility for their completion

During the project management apprenticeship, you’ll develop unique knowledge, skills and leadership to manage the social, legal and environmental implications of your project. In addition, you’ll manage a variety of factors involved in the project, reporting to the project sponsor and working within the requirements of the programme and portfolio. You’ll train in governance and project management methods and techniques, which you’ll use to initiate and execute complex projects, and develop into an effective leader of change, who is able to guide a group of direct, sub-contract, or temporarily aligned resources into a coherent team that delivers on the project’s objectives. You’ll eventually attain management responsibilities. On completion of this apprenticeship, you’ll achieve either a BA or BSc in project management.


Duration: 48 months

Relevant school subjects: Business studies

Entry requirements for the project manager apprenticeship: Level 3 qualifications such as A-levels, a BTEC in a relevant subject, such as business studies, or an advanced apprenticeship in a related field. Alternatively, or in combination with the above, relevant work experience, particularly if leadership and organisation are exhibited

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £38,000 per annum

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