Public health practitioner apprenticeship

Promote health and wellbeing to ensure fairer health outcomes between groups and communities

A public health practitioner helps people and communities to maximise their potential for a healthy, happy and productive life, to live healthier for longer. You’ll be employed by a local council, the NHS, a local or international agency, a private business, or a charity. During the public health practitioner apprenticeship you’ll initiate and develop public health interventions and services, such as obesity prevention, infection prevention and control, or national risk-assessment and screening. Your focus will be on health at a community or population level and you’ll assess and manage risk of disease and ill-health, and the prevention of premature deaths. You’ll monitor and promote health and wellbeing to ensure fairer health outcomes between different communities and groups. And you’ll put in place protection measures to protect the public from environmental hazards and risks.


Duration: 36 months

Relevant school subjects: Science

Entry requirements for the public health practitioner apprenticeship: Depend on employer, but likely A-levels or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience

Achievement upon completion: Level 6 (Degree)—equivalent to a bachelor’s degree

Potential salary upon completion: £28,000

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